Thursday, December 28, 2006

Banner Blanks 468x60

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Banner Rotator

These are the banners I have collected and a few I have made for my friends on BlogMad. If you would like to use the original fc graphics custom created masterpieces, you are very welcome. I replaced the BlogMad Banner because of some problems with other things I am running on the fatcat politics page. Now the banners below are rotated with a private script (included below the graphics). That way the wingnuts get no free advertizing from the fatcat... At least not on that page... :) If you are interested in what the wingnuts are doing, check out my page dedicated just to them... World Of WingNuts

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The Rotator Script I use is wrapped in a table for better results in newer pages with massive CSS styled divisions for positioning. This script is offered as is with no strings attached. I have used it for quite a while so it is stable over the long run but sometimes requires a re-load of the page to work. If you are interested in using this script...
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